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Product Name  Epichlorohydrin
Other Name  ECH, epichlorohydrin 3 - chloro - 1,2 - epoxypropane 1 - chloro-2, 3 - epoxypropane
CAS No.   106-89-8
Formula  C3H5ClO
Place of origin  Shandong Haili Cao Japan
Appearance  Colorless liquid
Contents  99.9%
Package  240kg galvanized pail
Use  Mainly for the preparation of glycerol, epoxy resin, epichlorohydrin rubber, polyether polyol, the production of glycerol and glycerol glycidyl important biological materials, as the organic solvent is epichlorohydrin Gan Fu rats intermediates rodenticide organic synthesis. The organic solvent (solvent resins, gums, cellulose esters, cellulose ethers, etc.).
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